Post at the right time to attract more followers

News 09:10 October 2023:

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If you’re aiming to get more instagram followers, you don’t just post in instagram whenever you’d feel like it. You have to consider the timezone of your audience, and of course, you have to know what is it that they check on instagram more often. If you’ll consider the usual routine of a person, you’d discern that the most availability is either in the morning or the evening, and this is the time when people usually checks instagram. Simple Measured, one of the analytics companies, reported that Wednesdays, anytime between 5:00 to 6:00 pm, is the best time to post.

You must avoid getting you post be buried in the follower’s feed so keep in mind that the life of an Instagram photo normally lasts 4 hours before it drifts together with the millions of photos being posted. It may also work if you can work on your particular audience’s probable down time, as it is the most possible time when they’re checking on their accounts. As an example, if your target audience are the one’s working in an office setting, rush hour when they are probably stuck in traffic, is the best time to post because at these times, they may have nothing else to do but to check their phones.